How mastering your admin will lead to a better cake business

Mar 29, 2022


Imagine having more time available to grow your business…

The start of the year is the time to get organised for the year ahead and map out all your business and personal goals!

Wedding industry experts have predicted 2022 is going to be the busier year on record. There’s no denying it, 2022 is going to be an exceptionally busy year ahead for many wedding professionals, especially Cake Designers. The wedding industry is booming with postponements, yearly weddings, and new engagements. Colleagues and friends in the industry are discussing yearly plans, talking about the busy year ahead and how many weekends are filled with beautiful weddings. Couples are in full wedding planning mode, some still booking wedding suppliers for this Spring and Summer ahead. 

Therefore, I would highly recommend using this typically quieter month, and the months ahead to get as organised as possible. 

In your business, you are more than likely the Baker, Designer, Social Media Manager, Website Assistant and Accounts Controller, oh and the coffee/tea maker. As a small business owner, you wear many different hats daily. It’s important to use your time wisely and work as efficiently as possible in your business. After all, your time is precious. 

Admin takes up time. A significant amount of time. Imagine if you had more time to grow your business? 

I’m the first to admit when I first launched Hayley Elizabeth Cake Design, I had no set processes in place. 

I quickly realised amongst all of the baking and beautiful cake designs I was feeling overwhelmed and quite stressed in my business. I start to feel worried and knew I had to sort the backend element of my business. I loved baking so much, it was my passion and my dream and deep down I knew there must have been a more efficient way of working. 

I quickly implemented some changes to the way I ran my business and eventually several business processes fell into place. 

I don’t want you to waste your precious time, I don’t want you to make the mistakes I made. I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. That’s why I want to help you build and implement efficient processes in your cake business, today. 

At Hayley Elizabeth Cake Academy I’ve curated the exact forms used for over 8-years in my business, to help give you all the advantages needed to build and develop your cake business. 

The Cake Business Form Collection will help to save your time, improve your customer relationships all whilst building your confidence. Not only are all forms fillable, signable, and printable, they are also fully customised to your business. There’s space available to add your logo, contact details, and much more. 

“These forms are making my life so much easier!”. – Cezanne Venter

There are two collections on offer, both digital and printable. 

  1. The Core Collection includes: Order Form for both weddings and celebrations, Invoice and Receipt Template, Consultation Form, Hire Agreement Form, Delivery/Sign Off Form, and an Allergen Form.
  1. The Ultimate Collection includes all of the above and a Terms & Conditions Template and Checklist, Example Copy of Hayley Elizabeth Cake Design T&Cs and a Privacy Policy and Cookies template. 

To celebrate the start of 2022 and the year ahead, I’m offering my readers an exclusive £30 discount. Simply enter the discount code FORMS30 into the checkout to automatically qualify. This offer is only valid until 31st January, so use your time wisely. 

CLARITY! I achieve more when my desk and mind are clear and organised. This is exactly what Hayley’s fabulous forms provide”. – Noeleen Corri

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