Includes the signature Hayley Elizabeth recipes for:

- Light Chocolate Cake
- Dark & Intense Chocolate Cake
- White Chocolate Cake
- Chocolate Cake Fillings

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Hayley Elizabeth's

Chocolate Cake Recipe Collection

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My baking journey started way back when I was 12 making cakes with my Nan. I learnt the principles and science behind baking and over the years I've adapted and learnt and persevered. Having a good basic knowledge and understanding of baking is key to success and I firmly believe this has helped me become successful.

All of my recipes have been made from my own experiences, trial and error and adapting to get them perfect. This chocolate cake recipe collection holds the first recipe I created ' the white chocolate cake' My most favourite of recipes as it's still my best seller among clients and for me, it's what started my journey to have the confidence to create my own recipes.

Now I'm sharing them with you for you to enjoy and love just as much as I do.

My recipes have been created for my business and they have to be perfect and step up from any other cake recipe out there.

 I believe that decoration is secondary and the taste is no1. it's fundamental to any successful cake business and this part needs to be consistent, precise and above all else, you want clients, friends and family to be talking about how good it tastes long after the event.

No more drab cake, worrying about if it's good enough, plucking a recipe from google hoping it turns out ok or scratching your head on working out calculations for different size cakes.

My chocolate cake recipe collection will be your fundamentals in the world of chocolate cake. You can then use with the pairings I give you or why not go on creating different flavour pairings. Mastering your own unique tasting experience with the fundamentals I give you in this collection.

My most treasured recipes that I use in my business and ones my clients love.
White chocolate cake recipe
Light chocolate cake recipe
Dark & intense chocolate cake
Includes a table of ingredients and sizes from 4 inch - 12-inch cakes so you don't have to do any calculations.

Fillings to compliment;

White chocolate buttercream recipe
White chocolate sauce recipe
Raspberry curd recipe
Vanilla buttercream recipe
Chocolate fudge icing recipe
Chocolate sauce recipe
Light chocolate buttercream recipe
Salted caramel sauce recipe
Salted caramel buttercream recipe

I've also added helpful hints and tips for each recipe and different pairings you could try.

Bonus - my successful tips for baking the perfect cake.

You will also be able to join a private Facebook group for this collection where you can ask any questions, share your bakes and I will be on live (this is recorded) to show you how to bake each cake where you can ask me questions and gain more insider tips.

I want you to be confident and happy with baking and enjoy the process.
As I always say if there is love for what you do everything else happens naturally. 

Want the collection for just £40?