Are wedding fairs worth it?

I hear and get asked this all the time. In a word - Yes. They are but only if you utilise them to their full marketing potential which takes a very good strategy.

This is where I come in with ‘Fully booked from wedding fairs”


Have you attended a wedding fair in the past and got LITTLE TO nothing from it?

One of the key marketing strategies for any wedding cake business is wedding fairs - but only if you fully utilise them.

For me, a wedding fair is not just about the actual wedding fair. So many use it like this and get down when they don’t see results.

I am here to show you HOW to utilise it before and way after the event. Look at it as a long-term strategy with me by your side in PDF form showing you what to do to get fully booked from wedding fairs.

My 32-page Ultimate Action Guide and 50-minute video with extra hints and tips,
Fully booked from wedding fairs, takes you through:

  • The Research Stage
  • Proper Preparation 
  • On The Day Strategy
  • Post-Fair & Follow-Up Communication
Plus A printable form to take to fairs!

Ready to download now for just £47!

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Every step of the way you get my full knowledge base and insight on what you need to be doing and looking for. I cover the positives and the pitfalls of wedding fairs so you see them before they happen - and what to do.

I want you to succeed quicker and with far less outlay than what I put in getting to know the system that would work.

Imagine your next wedding fair.

 You are safe in the knowledge you've researched and know this is the right wedding fair for you. You've asked all the relevant questions I equip you with.

  You've prepped like a pro. 
On the day ease and enjoyment after all the prep we've worked on comes into play! 

And, then after the fair you have my handy tips and tools along with my email conversion structure to nurture and get the sale!
No more wasted money, resources and time 
Just success!

It's time to get fully booked from wedding fairs!

Get it here | £47