the cake business transformation programme

Elevate your cake business, turning your passion into profit in an intimate, supportive group setting

Embark on my
12-Month Cake Business Transformation Programme, a journey designed not just to educate but to transform

Running a cake business can be hard. It's uniquely challenging.

Unfulfilling bookings, ghosting leads, an isolated work environment, a million things to do, no time to do it in - and none of it taking you closer to your goals.

I know that it's confusing, overwhelming and lonely.

This transformative programme provides the solution to that (and much more) by offering an intimate, small group setting that also brings the personalised attention of one-on-one coaching

Inside this nurturing group, you're going to find the ability and confidence to get business-savvy, share experiences, and develop lasting connections, all wrapped up in an ethos of kindness and mutual support.

  • never have enough time for your family, hobbies and chilling out

  • feel undervalued by clients and ghosting leads❌

  • feel overshadowed by others' successes on social media ❌

  • are confused about what to do to achieve your goals ❌

  • are experiencing a lack of bookings (or the bookings you really want!) ❌

let me guess, right now you...

'RISE' is meticulously crafted to take you TO...

  • Having a happy balance in your work that gives you more time to enjoy your life✅

  • Feeling appreciated and valued by your clients✅

  • Feeling content in your cake business and achieving your version of success. ✅

  • Feeling clear and confident in your business strategy ✅

  • A diary filling up with bookings you desire ✅

Let's face it, you invest a lot into your cake skills, but achieving true success requires investing just as much, if not more, into business skills. The reality is, you can’t have one without the other.

There will come a time when you just can't put off investing in your business know-how any longer.

If you've been part of several memberships, paying minimal fees here and there, chances are, you haven't seen the level of change you really want in your cake business.

Snippets of advice and short-term fixes only go so far.

What you need is something more substantial—a programme that offers depth, understanding, and the tools for lasting transformation. And that is exactly what this programme is designed to provide.

"I've been in several paid memberships over the years, but this is the first time I felt like I was working with an industry expert - someone who runs a business I aspire to, that has had huge success over many years, and knows the luxury cake sector inside out...."


A journey crafted from experience.

With 15 years in the cake industry, I've gone from a hopeful cupcake seller at farmers' markets to a renowned cake designer catering to an elite clientele. The triumphs and trials of my journey have equipped me with invaluable insights and learnings and got me to where I am today - and I'm sharing them all with you.

 I have created this programme to translate all of my learnings into a year long programme, taking the best bits from a 1-1 with me and the support from your peers in a course and combined them to create RISE.

A Programme designed for sustainable success

An environment that's supportive, kind, and friendly

A PLACE WHERE every cake business owner is seen, heard, understood AND VALUEd.


Value of £225

One Month of Personalised WhatsApp Support - to be taken the time of your choosing

Value of £180

An Exclusive 60-Minute One-on-One Deep Dive Session

bonuses disappearing in...


Join within the first 72 hours and receive...

£247 x 12 months

Pay in full £2964



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I'm Hayley Jones, owner of prestigious UK cake design studio Hayley Elizabeth Cake Design and the educator of cake artists through Hayley Elizabeth Cake Academy.

I've been designing and baking exquisite cakes, creating fine sugar work and running a highly successful cake design business for well over a decade, in which time I've honed and created my own processes and approaches in both cake and business skills.

It is these individually-developed techniques, processes and approaches that have helped build and shape my business,. I love the cake industry and one thing I want to achieve is to lift up the industry and help as many cake designers, makers and bakers to achieve success and longevity in their chosen career. I want to you to be able to build your skills and build a business that brings you confidence, profit, passion and joy. The Rise programme is the epitome of this.


Hayley is a brilliant coach and mentor; very generous with her time and she genuinely wants to empower you to succeed and thrive in your business. Whether you are starting out on your cake business or are a seasoned professional, you will learn so much, be totally supported and will be inspired to be the best that you can be.


  • A dedicated monthly training session/s with myself or myself and a guest expert

  • Community group that facilitates support and connection.

  • Cake surgery 1 x month - live catchup where you can ask me anything/Pick my brain.

  • Weekly group check in to monitor progress and answer any questions.

  • 10 x 1-1’s throughout the year with myself to deep dive into your business and ensure that each topic is translated to you and your business.  

  • 20% Discount code for ongoing course and product releases. 

  • Guest experts Q&A.

PLUS a Christmas celebration over lunch on me so we can enjoy the progress you have made with your new connections - surprises included.

what's included...


April: Onboarding & Mindset Mastery

Kick off with personal one-on-one Zoom sessions to introduce you to the programme and get to know your business inside out. Plus dive deep into mindset principles with me and guest expert Shelley Bosworth, a business mindset coach, including a live Q&A.

May: Branding Brilliance

Develop a standout brand with the help of myself and guest expert Jacquie Lawes from Bailey and Roo. Learn to differentiate yourself from competitors, clarify your mission, values and vision and boost your brand’s awareness and visibility, with interactive sessions on brand strategy and a Q&A.

June: Mastering Customer Acquisition.

Explore comprehensive strategies for lead generation, website optimisation, and SEO. Understand the importance of storytelling in marketing, identify your ideal client, and learn how to effectively market to them. Sessions will cover website conversions, keyword research, we are going deep with myself and guest expert Hayley Biggs.

July: Social Media Success

Delve into the nuances of social media channels with a focus on Instagram and Pinterest. Master the art of engagement, content planning, stories, reels, being authentic and leveraging analytics to grow your following authentically with my guidance.

Discover the unique benefits of Pinterest for your business, from optimising your profile and understanding SEO, to creating pins that drive traffic. Guest expert, Pinterest expert Faye Strange will provide invaluable insights into making Pinterest a powerful tool for your business.

August: Reflect and Catch Up

A scheduled break to digest the information, apply what you've learned, or simply take a well-deserved rest.

September: Customer Journey Enhancement Part 1

Acquisition to engagement - Focus on turning enquiries into bookings by optimising your customer acquisition and engagement strategies. Looking closely at your current customer journey and looking at pain points you have for turning the enquiry into a booking. Discuss methods to prevent ghosting and enhance the initial customer interaction with taster boxes and consultations.

This month also includes individual 1-1 catch-up sessions to track your progress.

October: Customer Journey Enhancement Part 2

Continue refining your customer journey, focusing on creating memorable experiences and efficient time management through to the wedding day. Learn the importance of offboarding processes to ensure happy clients and leverage positive experiences for marketing.

November: Pricing for Profit

Kicking off the month with money mindset with myself and guest expert Shelley,

Tackle pricing strategies, cost analysis, and developing healthy profit margins. Understand the principles of financial planning and how to manage workload for growth.

December: Festive Catch-up and Celebration

Reflect on the year's progress with a festive gathering, including lunch and drinks, fostering community and celebration of our achievements (place and date to be confirmed).

January: Sales Strategies

Elevate your sales game with techniques and strategies to boost confidence in selling. Creating a strategy, become confident in the art of selling, adding value before talking about price, how to structure sales calls and emails, how to increase conversion on sales calls, how to handle objections, how to end the call/email, how to send the proposal/email and the importance of following up. And Creating realistic conversion numbers. With myself and guest expert Hayley Biggs.

February: Photography & Exposure, Networking & Partnerships

Photography with guest expert Catherine Parsons. Lighting, staging, composition, editing to name a few things covered in this comprehensive training. With a dedicated Q&A  session with myself and Catherine Parsons.

Networking, exposure and partnerships with myself. Creating an extended arm to your business within venues, planners and other wedding suppliers that compliment your brand and create lasting relationships and promote you to future clients.

March: Growth and Scaling Your Business.

Actionable strategies for scaling your pricing, sales, and marketing efforts. Reflect on your journey, identify areas for implementation, and plan for sustained growth with myself guest expert Shelley Bosworth Mindset coach.

This month also includes individual 1-1 progress check ins, to look at how far you’ve come and what you have achieved and goodbyes.

Value of £225

One Month of Personalised WhatsApp Support - to be taken the time of your choosing

Value of £180

An Exclusive 60-Minute One-on-One Deep Dive Session

bonuses disappearing in...


Join within the first 72 hours and receive...

£247 x 12 months

Pay in full £2964



"For anyone looking to learn, upgrade or extend their own business knowledge, Hayley is your place to do just this. "

Jane Collett


Personal brand strategist, mentor and founder of brand agency Bailey & Roo. With almost 2 decades of expertise, Jacquie specialises in building stand out personal brands for female entrepreneurs across the world, from supporting with finding your brand style right up to a bespoke rebranding service.

During the masterclass with Jacquie will be delving deep into the importance of personal branding, why you need to build a personal brand and how you can become a magnet for your dream, perfect fit clients.

Jacquie Lawes: Personal brand strategist & MENTOR

Shelley is straight talking action driven Business Mentor & Mindset Coach helping women in business get out of their heads and out of their own way to achieve their goals both personally and professionally. With a 25 year corporate career behind her she understands the reality of life, her own story is indeed a rollercoaster but her mindset has been the key to resiliently bouncing back, keeping going, building a 6 figure business in her 40’s and achieving goals she only dreamed of in her younger years. Shelley is passionate about helping others understand the power of their mindset and has helped hundreds of ambitious women take action rather than simply wishing, hoping and berating themselves for not moving forward.

Shelley will join us at strategically placed points along the journey to help us understand our mindset, notice where we might be getting in our own way and more than that give practical steps to move forward.

shelley bosworth: Business Mindset Coach

Hayley, is a seasoned luxury wedding marketer, with 10 years of industry experience. Graduating with a bachelor's in advertising and marketing from Bournemouth University in 2014, she swiftly established her career in London. With notable roles in large and small marketing agencies, including a six-year stint as a marketing manager, after which she launched her own business in 2020. Now, she helps wedding brands worldwide refine their identities, elevate their prices, and attract their dream couples.

Hayley Biggs, luxury wedding marketer

Faye is a Pinterest specialist dedicated to helping online business owners increase their traffic from Pinterest. Faye can help you maximise your visibility on Pinterest, attract more of your perfect people to your website and create evergreen pins that perform time and time again.


I have been photographing weddings, portraits and personal branding for over 15 years. Over the years I have had to adapt to many tricky lighting and back drop conditions. I’m looking forward to sharing all my tips and tricks with you to get those beautiful light and airy shots of your amazing cake creations.


✔️ You're committed to investing in your business and personal development,

✔️ You're skilled in cake design but currently lack the solid business strategies to fulfil your potential

✔️ You're willing to put the work in, you just need to know what to do - and accountability to stay on track

✔️ You're struggling with confidently pricing your cakes or communicating their value to potential clients 

✔️ You find handling objections and turning scepticism into sales daunting

✔️ You value personalised guidance and support in a small, friendly group setting - rather than the same information in memberships where you're lost in the crowd


❌You're not willing to make a financial commitment to your business growth

❌You're looking for quick fixes rather than being prepared to engage in a comprehensive, year-long journey of growth.

❌The idea of participating in a community of like-minded business owners for support and shared learning doesn't appeal to you.

❌You expect immediate results without the effort or application of new strategies and insights

❌You aren't open to exploring new ways of doing business


"Working with you has been one of the most beneficial things I've done for my business..."




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