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You need one person: one acclaimed cake designer, one experienced cake business owner, one leading baker and sugarcraft artist. And that person is me...

The cake industry is full of noise. 

Cake designer, highly-experienced sugar artist and the biggest cheerleader you'll find for your own cake business journey.

I've run my prestigious cake studio Hayley Elizabeth Cake Design for over 10 years, serving many prestigious venues and luxury clients. When it comes to cake and business experiences, I can guarantee I've been there and got the t-shirt. And now I'm here to help YOU.

Hi, I'm Hayley!

  • Improve and expand your baking & sugar skills so you can be more creative and design better cakes that clients rave about
  • Grow in confidence as a cake designer and business owner so you can do more of the work you want
  • Make a profit from your skills so that you can pay yourself a wage - no longer just a hobby!

This is the place for you if you want to:

Before I started my business, I had a successful career which started in the Army. I trained as a medic and then went on to train in the operating theatre. It took me all over the world, and then when I left the army I continued my career at home. This came to an abrupt end in 2009, due to sustained injuries in a car accident.

During my recovery, sugarcraft allowed me to learn a new skill and refocus my attention on something positive. 

I soon realised I had a natural flair and interest grew with friends and family. From humble beginnings at local farmers; markets, I have gone on to specialise in luxury, bespoke wedding cakes with an emphasis on sugar flowers, texture and on-trend colour palettes. 

I now provide wedding cakes across the south of England, including high profile clients and prestigious venues. 

When I’m not working on my business you will find me either with a coffee in hand, working on my other love, interior design, with Dexter the beagle by side or out in the New Forest or the beach enjoying life with my husband and my two children, chasing after Dexter when he gets a scent of something! 

My Story...



My Beagle, Dexter





If you’re ready to make your cake business succeed, I’d be honoured to be the one to help you.